Oakley Mark Cavendish Edition Jawbreaker Sunglasses

Oakley Jawbreaker have taken ultimate performance eyewear to the next level.


With the release of the Jawbreaker, Oakley have taken ultimate performance eyewear to the next level.

Oakley extended the field of view in the upper peripheral region to optimize it for cycling, and once they added Switchlock™ Technology for easy lens changing plus temples that adjust to three different lengths for helmet compatibility, Jawbreaker™ became the ultimate sport design.

This lightweight yet durable performance sunglass features impact resistance and optical precision at the level of ANSI Z87.1, and with the Polaric Ellipsoid™ geometry of High Definition Optics®, you’ll have razor-sharp vision at every angle of view.

Jawbreaker answers the wish list of world-class athletes by offering everything from surge ports for cooling airflow to Unobtainium® components for a comfortably secure fit, and with the hassle-free lens changing of Switchlock, it lets them adapt in seconds with HDPolarized™ optics and lenses with Prizm™ technology that fine tunes colors for maximized contrast and enhanced vision.


  • Prizm Road Lenses
  • Impact Protection
  • High Definition Optics
  • Unobtanium nosepads and earsocks
  • Product Data
  • UV Protection: Yes
  • Road: Yes

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PRIZM™ Features

Prizm™ is a revolution in lens optics built on decades of colour science research. Prizm™ lenses provide unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colours precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. Prizm Road lenses enhance the road so you can see obstacles like rocks and potholes quickly and feel more confident.

  • Sharpens visual acuity to help you see more clearly and react faster
  • Enhances colour recognition to help you spot what you need to see
  • Optimizes your ability to see and track moving objects in your periphery
  • Improves performance and safety to help you compete with confidence


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