The Workshop

We believe that the workshop is the heart of any good bike shop and our team are on hand to offer free advice and estimates on any job… however large or small. We aim to turn around repairs as quickly as we can and to help with this we do ask that you contact us to book your bike in. Below are some examples of our costs for everyday jobs:

Core Service £30*

Our mechanics will safety check your bicycle with the headset, bottom bracket and hubs checked and adjusted. Checking the adjustment of brakes and gears. All nuts and bolts checked and torqued, tyres correctly inflated and chain lubricated. Our service makes sure your bike is road safe and is intended for bikes in overall good condition just needing adjustment.

Gear Service £30*

Our Gear Service is a full strip down and rebuild of the drivetrain of your bicycle. Our mechanics will clean, check and lubricate all the parts and recommend any replacement parts required. The aim is to ensure that your bicycle is returned to you with the drivetrain looking and operating as close to new as possible.

TLC Service £60*

The Core Service plus a lot more. Cassette, chain, chainset, front, and rear derailleur removed, degreased and lubricated. Frame and forks checked for alignment. Bearings checked for wear, and re-greased. Wheels removed from the frame and trued/spokes tensioned if out of alignment. The TLC service is more in-depth than the Core and we recommend it if parts are showing signs of wear and not operating properly. Nothing more annoying than a noisy groupset.

Other repair prices:

Puncture Repair from £5*

Tyre condition checked and any glass/flint etc removed. Inner tube replaced with new rim tape and tyre replaced if necessary. Does not include parts.

Hydraulic Brake Bleed from £20* (per brake)

Old brake fluid removed and new installed. Price includes brake fluid.

Wheel True from £15*

Wheel removed from bike, trued and tensioned. Any broken spokes replaced as necessary.

Headset Fitting from £20*

Removal of old headset, head tube cleaned and new headset installed. Crown race removed from forks and new one installed. If you require the head tube faced or reamed there will be an additional charge of £20.

Bottom Bracket Fitting from £20*

Removal of old bottom bracket, shell cleaned and new bottom installed with anti-seize. If you require the bottom bracket shell tapped or faced there will be an additional charge of £20.

Hub Service from £20*

Hub stripped down, cleaned and inspected. Re-greased and new bearings and cones fitted if necessary.

Bike Builds (boxed) from £30*

If supplied as frame, group-set, wheels and other components to be built, from £120*

Gear Tune from £15*

Front and rear derailleur’s will be adjusted and limit screws set. Cables will be replaced and cable tension adjusted as necessary. Does not include parts

Brake Service from £20*

New brake pads and cables fitted, brakes aligned and adjusted.

Wheel Build from £35*

Please speak to a mechanic to discuss your wheel build requirements.

Miscellaneous jobs from £5*

We are happy to take on any other jobs, not covered by the above. These will be quoted by the mechanic.

*Replacement parts are not included in service prices. Labour cost only displayed.
For more information simply call in the shop, or give one our friendly team a call on 01624 673576. Email or FB-message us.